Build-n-Share 52

The Main floor of the Main house.09-11-16_2-12-40-am09-11-16_2-13-08-am09-11-16_2-13-16-am09-11-16_2-13-26-am09-11-16_2-13-39-amI checked that cupboard it’s the same white, it’s just a weird trick of the light at night I think.09-11-16_2-14-58-am09-11-16_2-15-05-am09-11-16_2-15-50-am09-11-16_2-16-03-am

And the side home! Where Nell the Nanny lives!

09-11-16_2-16-38-am09-11-16_2-20-05-am09-11-16_2-20-27-am09-11-16_10-46-02 AM.png



The Second floor has a little of both homes! But the main home takes up most of the space.09-11-16_10-50-30 AM.png

The Master bedroom is pretty large with a weird layout haha but I think they made it work.

The first room you come into when you go up the stairs. Like a sitting room I guess. Leads into the study and the master bedroom. There’s also stairs that lead to the attic.09-11-16_10-58-12-am09-11-16_10-58-36-am09-11-16_10-58-55-am09-11-16_10-59-05-am

The Master Bedroom! 09-11-16_11-04-19-am09-11-16_11-04-30-am09-11-16_11-05-03-am09-11-16_11-05-25-am

And the Master Bathroom!


The upstairs portion of Nelly’s side. Just a loft-like bedroom with a small bathroom.09-11-16_11-14-26 AM.png

09-11-16_11-15-51-am09-11-16_11-16-07-am09-11-16_11-21-56 AM.png

And now for the attic where little Sophia gets to live!


Some more exterior photos. 09-11-16_11-37-06-am09-11-16_11-38-05-am09-11-16_11-38-27-am09-11-16_11-38-50-am09-11-16_11-40-06-am09-11-16_11-40-24-am

Wish me luck! Here’s the link to the gallery because there’s no CC!!!

The Maison D’ecrou House

The Family


I won my category 🙂







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