Akia Ojas

10-02-16_4-45-51 PM.png

Through the trees there’s a large section of land with some rock formations. There’s the calming sound of a river near by and the not-so-calming sound of a hammer. It’s hitting stone or something similar to stone. It’s the camp of a Goddess that roams the earth.

Akia Ojas.


She’s smart and strong and on her way to the small cave room where she can soak away her earthly troubles.10-02-16_4-59-52 PM.png The steam and sacred waters have warmed the stone and it eases her weary bones. They’ve traveled far to come to this land with the intentions of populating it with her royal bloodline. She’s tired and it’s cold in this green land. She will have many babies with her own baby faced Taoro Sheba. 10-02-16_5-08-21 PM.png He’s carving simple things out of stone. They’re pretty much cavemen right now. She eats her dinner on a seat carved of stone, she combs through the grasses near her cave to find rocks, plants or frogs. 10-02-16_5-15-53 PM.png It’s a simple life so far for the green-eyed deity.


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  1. Daalia says:

    She is so cute ☺And I love how you introduce her and her guy ☺ Can’t wait to read more of it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hemera123 says:

    Yay. A new start.☺ Good luck to Akia for building her tribe.

    Liked by 1 person

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