The Recruit

Akia sits down in the new eating quarters. She’s very pleased. Her tribe is doing well enough to have this room built, they don’t have to eat outside in the elements anymore. She also has news! She’s just had twins earlier that day. She’s rested and hungry and tells her closest companion, Aadhya all about it.

10-22-16_5-17-15 PM.png

One baby girl and one baby boy. She now has 5 children! It’s happened very fast and she feels very blessed by the Nature Goddess and the great Mother Goddess.

Her beloved daughter has told her about some of her travels and some of the great things she has seen and Akia decides to leave the babies in Taoro’s capable hands and see some of the world for herself. She travels along the Great River and finds the landscape changing. It’s now hot and dry and sandy everywhere. She has found Oasis Springs and it’s immensely different from the lush green trees of her lands. 10-22-16_5-42-27 PM.png

She’s gone for a while and returns smelly and exhausted from her travels. But she’s glad that she saw more of the world.

And she doesn’t come home alone.


She has recruited a woman to their tribe. She was in the desert alone and was easily caught up by Akia’s beauty and wisdom. She wanted nothing more than to follow her to the ends of the earth. Luckily she didn’t have to go all the way to the ends of the earth, just into a dark forest with some caves full of wild children. She loves the outdoors and wants to see the different green plants in this area of the world. 10-22-16_6-49-05 PM.pngThe little caveboys have never seen another human outside of their family before! It’s shocking and a little scary for them. But change will be good for the little tribe. 10-22-16_6-50-42 PM.pngAt least … it doesn’t look like Taoro minds the change…


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