The invention of Jealousy.

sick.jpgIt’s early in the morning when Sumi finds herself sick. Some of the children are already running around like the wild dogs that they are, and even Akia could be heard gently laughing at something one of those beasts said. Why is she sick? She doesn’t know. She wants to talk to her fearless leader Akia about it. Maybe it was the attack from that nasty cow-plant? That thing swallowed her up and spit her right back out before she’d even realized that it was cake that she could smell.

Sumi finds her in the chaotic eating quarters and Akia says she believes that Sumi is expecting a child!10-28-16_9-09-33 PM.png

She’s surrounded by her own children, poor Taoro can barely keep up with the chores, he hasn’t cleaned last night’s dinner from the tables yet. He steps into the room as Akia is saying “Sumi! That sounds like you’re growing a precious life inside of you!”10-28-16_9-12-59 PM.pngTaoro realizes that he has very little understanding about the many moon cycles of these women, but that the fun they’ve been enjoying in his cave has lead to this. He understands that often after he and Akia enjoyed each others bodies it often resulted in a growing belly, and a baby.

10-28-16_9-19-26 PM.png

Akia puts the two and two together. How she figured out what was happening to her body and what she thought had lead to her bodily changes. Sumi and Taoro must have been enjoying each other the way she had once enjoyed Taoro.


What is this disrespect?



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