The invention of Queen.

Disclaimer: Some sim on sim violence! Trigger warnings!10-28-16_9-47-03 PM.pngAkia drags Taoro out into the morning sun. She’s still in her sleep wear, she hasn’t even eaten any of the grilled fruit prepared for their first meal as a family. Sumi is horrified! She had no idea that she wasn’t to touch Taoro! How could she know! But Akia will not hear her over her own blood thumping through her ears and head. Her green eyes spark and Taoro is afraid.10-28-16_9-50-01 PM.png“Akia! My leader!”

“Your Queen.”

No one has ever heard this word before. No one really knows what the problem is. Akia knows that she will not stand for this. No one will lay with her and another woman without her consent. She must be the one to say. She was the first.

10-28-16_10-03-35 PM.png

“You will not disrespect me again.” She has her hands around his throat. Sumi feels the weight of what she has done. She didn’t know. But now she knows.

They all know.




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  1. So am i to understand that the tribe are kind of the Adam and Eve of this story? That there are not other people in their world? I read the beginning of your other story (alas at its untimely death! 😦 ), so I know that you had the other tribe kind of “spring” into existence. Is that the same case here?

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Yah sort of haha, I think there are other people in the world, just not a lot. I’m going to do try to have different tribes with different people but not many, and then as the civilization “progresses” then more and more people can be around. Thanks for reading!!!

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