10-28-16_1-18-43 AM.pngSumi loves Akia. Loves her as a Queen. Is a loyal follower who will never stray from her side. Akia appreciates the company. She’s comforted by talking to someone who isn’t one of her many babies or Taoro. 10-28-16_1-22-26 AM.pngShe’s a good leader. The tribe eats well and stays warm. She’s easy to follow and be loyal to. She loves Sumi like a sister that she never had. She ‘s never had anyone, they were the first!

Time is spent taking care of Camp. The children are growing and taking over the camp and it’s hard for the adults to blow off any steam with so many children running and yelling. Sumi spends some time by the fire in the sacred rocks, dancing and swaying in the moonlight. And Taoro has noticed. moonlit dance.jpgHer shiny fur clothing and her luminescent skin are bewitching by the light of the fire. They only know instinct!

It isn’t long before they are enjoying each others company alone in Taoro’s cave. She’s excitable and responsive to his touches. Not like the strong-willed woman who birthed all of his children. 10-28-16_7-23-43 PM.png

She’s wilder! She has no maternal instinct driving her to these passions.

But Akia is all maternal instinct. She’s got so many children and wants all the best for them. She’s devoted to their well being. 10-28-16_7-31-41 PM.pngShe was closest to her eldest daughter, always preferred her company to Taoro’s since the day she was born. Her love for Taoro had been physical and propelled by the boredom of their first lonely days at camp. Now she barely looked his way, definitely not enough to notice his relationship with Sumi change.

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