Moonlit lovers


There are five children in this camp who all heard the commotion from the eating quarters, and one pregnant woman sobbing for mercy from her Queen.

the sun rise.jpgThe Queen is merciful. Sumi sobs as the sun comes over the mountains. But Taoro had been left on the ground, un-moving, a large rock only feet from him.

Sumi remembered it well.

10-28-16_10-41-45 PM.png

She wasn’t completely spared. Someone needed to take care of the camp after Taoro was gone. As her belly grew she was increasingly scared. She’d never had a baby before! She had been very worried that Akia wouldn’t let up on her any time soon.

10-30-16_9-16-06 PM.pngThe season changed, the children grew10-30-16_9-55-53 PM.pngand the time continues it’s slow march. When Sumi gets really big she also gets very lonely. She misses Taoro and visits his grave one dark cold night.10-30-16_10-13-26 PM.pngHe was happy and sad for his beautiful lover. She was mostly alone at the Ojas camp. The kids were friendly with her but Akia hadn’t warmed to her again. But she still loved Akia, she was her Queen and she would always be grateful that she had been taken into her home and family. 10-30-16_10-26-49 PM.pngBut her need for Taoro was still just as fierce. She felt like she would never not love him. It’s quiet in the long grass where Taoro’s body rests, and they love each other under the brilliant moon.

Taoro I still need you.


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