After Sumi’s baby boy, Kehinde Sheba was born, the attitude towards Sumi changed. Akia was very excited to have another tribal member, but it was Taoro’s son. And he would most likely be just like his father.kehinde.jpgShe loved that way the little baby smelled. His soft head and smooth skin. Those tiny fingers and toes. But as she thought about it, she couldn’t have another Taoro in the tribe. What if he betrayed the trust of one of her daughters? What if he was unloyal? There was a need for more members in the tribe, and there was a need for male’s to help make more members. But this boy was a reminder of treason against her.10-30-16_11-24-28 PM.pngThis baby was a crime in itself. And no man could ever rule the Ojas. He was less important than a daughter would ever be. She takes some time to think about this and comes to a hard decision. It could mean terrible things for her sons but it would have to be the way. 10-30-16_11-44-47 PM.pngShe calls a meeting with Sumi and Aadhya and the women meet in the Sacred Rocks.

As your Queen I have made some difficult decisions.

The young boy can’t be treated as an equal. He is nothing more than a slave. And when he reaches an age where he can mate he will do so. But he will be sacrificed shortly after. He can’t be permitted to live.

Sumi is devastated and tries to state her case and defend her boy’s life. The women discuss this into the night but Akia doesn’t budge. It’s declared that this will be the case for all men in the tribe. They can’t be allowed to live once their duty to the tribe has been fulfilled.

And yes. This would include her own young sons.

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