Visiting White Rock

New Build!

11-04-16_2-42-30 AM.png

Akia needs a break from the screaming babies. She’s had four herself but somehow listening to someone else’s screaming babies is less fulfilling. She sneaks off to the temple but finds she’s distracted by the gleaming white light of some near by rocks. What is this place?!

white rock.jpg

It’s White Rock

I had a lot of troubles with this one, it’s actually the second version. I couldn’t get the moo to work, the 9-0 key thingy to get the objects to move up and down. Nothing would go right. So I adjusted to what I could get to work and still ended up with this and I think it’s pretty alright. Even the camera wouldn’t work quite right, it just wouldn’t capture everything. You can see some of the rocks are missing near a post near the water fall. Oh well whatevs.11-04-16_2-43-45 AM.pngSome late night swimming will clear Akia’s head.11-04-16_2-44-53 AM.pngGreat view of the temple!


11-04-16_2-46-40 AM.png11-04-16_2-47-02 AM.pngThe view from the top!

11-04-16_2-49-09 AM.png


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