Ojas visit the world

In the years that pass after Taoro’s death, Akia has done much. She has a small hut in a mountain side that she stays at when her hunting and fishing excursions keep her away from camp for long periods of time. But this bright summer’s day she has decided to bring her girls with her to see where she gets to go. 11-07-16_11-21-27 AM.png It is built into the white rocks near the waterfall they call White Rock and it’s quiet. 11-07-16_11-22-01 AM.png The women find some peace of mind and rest their weary hearts. It’s not easy with the laws regarding any of the males in the tribe and Akia knows it. She has sons and isn’t looking forward to the days they must be sacrificed. The women rest their heavy hearts each in their own quiet way for a short time.11-07-16_11-22-36 AM.png

After they’ve rested the Ojas’s are back on the hunt and follow a strange trail to a odd place they’ve never seen before. The smells, lights and tribes here are quite different from themselves! 11-07-16_11-38-20 AM.pngThey have beautiful music and colors that hurt young Rhea’s eyes! But she blinks and adjusts and is glad she did. She and her mother enjoy musical performance while Suri and Aadhya try a new hobby. 11-07-16_11-37-58 AM.png

11-07-16_11-43-14 AM.pngThey stay until it’s dark! They eat things, spicy things, tasty things, they use strange utensils, they learn so much together and they are happy again.11-07-16_11-40-35 AM.png11-07-16_11-46-01 AM.png

*side note they see my model Turtle DiMarco who got a City Living makeover courtesy of the game haha and I think she looks great! They have beautiful clothes in this expansion pack thank gods*

11-07-16_11-44-16 AM.png


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