So if you read about my new Build you might know already that I have a problem with not saving my games properly haha not the smartest tool in the shed I guess.

So I’m going to keep playing the Ojas, I still have Aadhya so she’s still the heir and I think that’s the most important part. You’ve got the story line figured out. I will have another pregnancy by Taoro, and kill him off so that it follows the story line, but I also didn’t save Sumi so I’ll just add a different tribe member and go about it that way. I’ll show you what has happened but the story will actually pick up again with Aadhya being a teen. Just assume that Sumi dies of a broken heart!!

Since I didn’t save Sumi I made Suri Ojassuri-ojasShe’s sweet and imaginative, loves being outside and wants a big family so she’ll probably turn out to be a better tribe member anyway haha! Now I just gotta get them to “advance” their society enough to have them join the city!suri.jpg

So Suri has twin girls with Taoro, so just assume Kehinde was sacrificed as planned.


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