The Monk’s Brewery

The Monk’s Brewery!

The Ojas travel along the river and find a new place they’ve never experienced before. It’s quiet and serene, and there are other tribes visiting the grounds. 11-16-16_1-34-57 PM.pngAkia is impressed with this place, who lives here? She sends her girls to investigate, and after she sees Suri’s ample hips sway away, she slips into the peaceful waters near the white rocks. 11-16-16_1-37-03 PM.pngEverything in this area is surrounded by the sacred white rocks, and this place is very near to the falls that she discovered not too long ago. What is the secret of these white rocks?

11-16-16_1-40-29 PM.png

Suri found a quiet hall on the main floor where there are some other people practicing yoga. She learns about stretching her body and listening to it while gently twisting it around. She enjoys the hushed nature of this exercise. 11-16-16_1-38-01 PM.pngWhile Suri stretches and breathes, Rhea – Akia’s second daughter finds the stairs and ascends all the way to the top where she finds a tranquil bath. She lowers herself into the steam and also contemplates the magic of the white rocks. 11-16-16_1-39-44 PM.jpg

They spend the day. They find food, rest and even fun in this mysterious place, but they don’t find the answers they are looking for. Other tribes in the area simply call the place The Monk’s Brewery for it has a delicious drink that quenches the thirst of many travelers passing through the area.


The Top floor is where you’ll find the bathrooms!

The second floor has a bar and a hall to eat. I wanted it to feel like the ancient monks would have their meals here so it’s not very fancy. But there is a tv because the place is technically a bar. I just kept it small and hung curtains around it so it doesn’t stand out as much.11-16-16_2-25-15 PM.png11-16-16_2-25-08 PM.png11-16-16_1-45-43 PM.png

The main floor just has a quiet place to meditate and learn yoga. I guess that’s where the pool is too.11-16-16_2-25-35 PM.png

11-16-16_1-42-13 PM.pngThe stairs lead down to the club!! Which I really like!!

11-16-16_2-27-22 PM.pngOn the left is the dance floor with the dj thingy and on the right is a sitting area.

11-16-16_2-26-38 PM.png11-16-16_2-26-43 PM.pngThere’s just two right beside each other and they’re identical.

11-16-16_2-26-01 PM.png

11-16-16_1-49-53 PM.png11-16-16_1-49-17 PM.png


Unfortunetly I’ve used a crap ton of CC so it’s not going to be on the gallery. I’m finding these days that MOO and the up and down cheats aren’t working so the things I’m trying to buid for the gallery aren’t working properly anyway so what’s the point? I decided to use some cool CC and just buid for myself. It’s a nice place where my gals can go celebrate by themselves. I’ve been using the MC cheat to make any of the few townies I let stay look more like they’d be in a tribe somewhere but I want to fill most of this world with my Ojas, like a rebuild-willowcreek kind of challenge.

Thanks for checking out my build!

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