The Morrow

11-21-16_11-18-30 PM.pngIn the warmth of the morning sun the women prayed that the death of the young sons of Taoro would result in the birth of a baby girl, for good crops and fat fish. Suri had a belly growing already, plump and blooming with life.

They notice a man walking around the camp, picking up dirty dishes and clad only in tiger fur. He’s handsome, and they look to Akia for answers, but she only smiles knowingly and invites the women to sit and enjoy some breakfast. 11-21-16_11-47-32 PM.pngThere must always be a Sheba to take care of her women. In all honesty, she doesn’t know where the Sheba came from. She knows that she dreamed of Taoro smiling sadly at her and saying “I have dishonored you. I will send a Sheba. He will understand the new ways of the Ojas and he will not question it”11-21-16_11-58-05 PM.pngAnd Petras seemed to, he got right to work and didn’t bother the women, even though they were all eyeing him up while they discussed anything but the previous night. 11-21-16_11-56-50 PM.png


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