A new Home

12-16-16_12-49-49 PM.pngRhea traveled for a time, following the river past her usual stops. The place where the little turtle watches the birds, the flowers she loves, and the grass stops and it’s sandy and hot. She finds a small spot by the river where she decides to set up camp, it’s quiet and lonely but she spruces it up. There candles and rocks and a place for a garden. She also builds a room for her baby Ojas. She’ll need to have many if she wants to honor her mother with a large tribe.12-16-16_2-16-27 PM.pngShe’s not very knowledgeable about baby Ojas. She was a young woman when her brothers were sacrificed for being with Suri and when she became a woman there was only one lonely Sheba who kept to himself. She also knew that it would be the same after she found her belly growing with life, they would visit the purple rocks where she witnessed her brothers’s deaths. 12-16-16_2-20-11 PM.pngBut she doesn’t worry much as she goes about her day getting set up for her new life. She’ll have to have the tribe come over for a visit and she wants the place to be suitable.

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