Casa le Rhea

Akia finds herself taking a short breather by a river. It’s not as easy for her to travel as it once was. But she also wants to bring a gift of fresh fish for her daughter Rhea. A gift to honor her new home.



She’s within eyesight of the big red rocks that Rhea described so she knows she’s not far now. She gathers her things and comes over the hill and gasps! Not only is her heart warmed by her daughter’s comfortable, peaceful camp, but there is a strong dark man in the little garden.


Rhea embraces her mother and explains about finding Sandig Sheba on her travels home. Akia is glad she has a Sheba to take care of this quaint little camp. She learns more about what Rhea has been doing, it’s a good spot for collecting rocks and gems and great fishing and growing, but her camp also focuses on wellness. She’s calm, centered, and very limber. Akia spends much time developing her own wellness, and settles in. She finds the thought of her traveling back to her own camp more challenging as her old bones start adjusting to a healthy regime of yoga and meditation. One night after much time has passed, Rhea comes to her and announces the growing belly.



Akia is honored and wants to help her daughter through the difficulties of pregnancy and see her first grand child. So she will stay for a while longer at Casa Le Rhea.



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