Her dusty home

Sorry! I’m addicted to Planet Coaster these days so I don’t even load my sims game haha but I’ve almost passed PC and I’ve missed my sims terribly! So here’s an update!


Rhea made the long trip back to her mother’s camp to visit and tell everyone where she was living. Invite her mother to see where she lives.


01-01-17_7-17-35 PM.png


Akia is pleased and wants to come stay with Rhea for awhile. She hasn’t seen much of the sandy hot place where the grass doesn’t thrive and thinks she would like it.

As she starts her journey back she stops to enjoy the river and the last little bit of green forest before reaching her own dusty home. hears a noise.jpg


She hears something rustling near her and she quickly crouches down. Is it a person?

01-01-17_7-31-45 PM.png

She’s a silent ninja while she waits to see what makes the noise. She isn’t hiding long, another big rustle and someone steps out from behind a bush. This someone is a man!



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