Grudge mending.

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Two old women fishing quietly on a summers day. They’ve lived a long life together, seen many babies, and come to a certain peace between the two of them, despite their early days when Akia started a barbaric tradition for all of her women to follow as a result of Suri’s actions.

01-02-17_3-48-31 PM.png

There’s no point in holding a grudge. Both of these women know what comes next. It’s time to see the next generation, it’s time to ensure that her daughter has an heir, and it’s time to prepare the catacombs. Akia must set her daughters up for success. And old Suri is still here to help her do that. Her daughters will also follow along in the traditions that she and Akia have set into motion.

Suri’s oldest, twin girls, beautiful girls.

But no one forgot the youngest sister. Tristya, the baby. The drama queen.


The whole tribe comes together as a family to gather, fish, hunt, whatever they can contribute to help Akia’s dreams of an underground catacomb. She knows it won’t be long before she needs a new place to rest her body. Luckily in that time Aadhya comes to her with good news. She is expecting!

01-02-17_6-43-31 PM.png

The tribe will celebrate this victory with a sacrifice. They’ll take the Sheba to the Ojas Sacred Grounds in the purple rocks, and they won’t come back with him. Aadhya has feelings of regret for the Sheba, but she is also excited because the sacrifices before have lead to baby girls. This Sheba isn’t young anymore anyway, it’s the rules.

And he followed the tribe to the Sacred Grounds and was brave. He knew what awaited him and he died with honor. Aadhya felt proud in this moment.

01-02-17_10-09-48 PM.png


The father of her unborn child was honorable and his death even more so. This was a very good start if she was to take over her mother’s position as Creator. And as Akia slowly descended the stairs and the tribal sisters tried to ignore her creaking bones and slow pace, they all knew it could be any day now.

They gathered around the fire and warmed each others hearts with laughter, understanding and sense of tradition. Akia lay down for a nap, and didn’t awaken. She died knowing her daughter would do the right thing as Creator, that she had the strength to bow to tradition. She passed before the building of her catacombs, but it was out of her hands now. She had done everything else she set out to do.

And with that I pass the torch to Aadhya and Gen Two begins! I’m not following the rules of the history challenge but I’m inspired by it. My tribe will now be moving a little more into “early civilization”. My sims have learned to read and write, and more sims will be allowed to just exist in the world. Other tribes maybe, or just random camps sort of thing. I’m going to add a library, and some markets or shops, and now my sims can have a few other furniture items and can have a few jobs available, that sort of thing! So if you see some changes that’s why! Thanks for reading!!!

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