The death of the First Generation



01-03-17_12-56-33 PM.png

Suri is alone at the river. She’s having a hard time sleeping these days, her nagging bones keep her awake and her grief for Akia keeps her down. She will be with her soon. There is one thing that keeps her going, keeps everyone in the tribe going: Amali.Even her name means hope. The new heiress has been born and she’s loved by all. They have a reason to keep dragging their bodies through the dirt of their garden, through the trees to find meat, and even a few of them to their arts after the food has been gathered. A reason to keep trying to build the catacombs, to build a place of honor for their resting leader.

01-03-17_2-00-26 PM.png

Suri hoped those girls got the catacombs built soon. She passed in the night, not far from little Amali’s crib. Tristya and her older sister Oriana rushed into the room, just on their way to the bedchambers for the night, and were shocked to find Suri on the ground.

01-03-17_2-02-49 PM.png

Suri had lived a long hard life and deserved to rest near her beloved Akia. She deserved a place of honor. They would build it for her.

01-03-17_2-20-42 PM.jpg

Aadhya was determined to honor the women before her.

Now the whole 1st gen has passed on! I realized that maybe the stuff I was doing for this first gen qualified as gen 2 for the history challenge, but I could go a little further. Everything just progresses a little bit at a time, and I’m not keeping score or anything so it’s just an inspiration for the story progression. But onward we go!


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