Dying Wish

*I guess the game/divine intervention decided that Rhea was the leader of both clubs, “The Ojas” which is all the adult women, and “The Prayer Circle” which was all of Akia’s daughters or grand daughters. So I had Aadhya sit down and have a chat with her. Take that divine intervention!*

01-03-17_7-38-13 PM.png

It was quiet and cool by the White Rocks where Aadhya sat with her sister Rhea discussing their next prayer circle. The weather was changing and she didn’t want there to be any confusion because her mother allowed Rhea to leave and start her own fort. Aadhya was leader by right and she wanted to be gentle and firm about it. Rhea was quick to speak her undying devotion and allegiance to her sister, The New Queen. She glanced to her young daughter Sikata playing nearby – 01-03-17_7-38-50 PM.png

there was no question about who was Queen she assured her sister. Her young daughter was growing up in a new climate from the lush forest that the first Ojas called home, but she knew the traditions. There would be no worries about her either. They didn’t have trees that changed their color in the desert, they didn’t have chilly days. No one knew what to expect from the crops.

01-03-17_8-17-54 PM.png

Even in times of celebration she was worried about her camp. This beautiful display of color was also cooler and they had always had warm weather for as long as she could remember. The cow plants were a bone yard.

01-03-17_8-53-46 PM.png

Even her own daughter, Amali the heiress, looked like a wild ragamuffin peasant girl running through the trees. Aadhya was grateful to her mother and the Goddess that Amali was very authoritative at least. She loved the rules, she didn’t even glance at the Sheba, she knew all the women had their place in the camp and she knew what she would grow up to be.

01-03-17_9-02-13 PM.png

Even though she didn’t look like the New Queen’s daughter, she knew that she was. This, Aadhya could be thankful for.

She was also thankful that the small secretive door beside her own bedchambers lead to a short passageway to a dark, stone room where her mother and Suri both could rest at ease.

01-03-17_9-29-00 PM.png

She had done it. She’d built the catacombs her mother wished for. Her spirit could rest at ease now, next to her friend that was fated to lose so much for the tribe.

01-03-17_9-32-35 PM.png

She had fulfilled her mother’s dying wish at last.




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