Down the River


Jahoda comes from the washing chambers, she’s just discovered she’s expecting, which is what Aadhya had asked of her, but she can’t say she’s pleased. She hates children, she avoids the New Queen’s daughter at all costs, and wants to spend her days with the plants or her sister. But she must give birth at least once, Aadhya has asked that of all the women.

01-05-17_3-07-49 PM.png

She waits until morning, then finds Aadhya breaking her fast. She tells her the news, but that she has had some thoughts while studying her plants, and she would really like to make a short trip before she really starts to feel the changes in her body. Aadhya agrees if she takes her sister Rhea with her, she is brave and traveled far to make a new home, so she is a good friend to have while away. Jahoda is pleased! Everyone likes Rhea, and she wants to travel in the opposite direction down the river, which Rhea has always talked about. What will they find!

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