We’re working on our “Simply Living” magazine and I took on an advertisement for the magazine. I haven’t done any modeling stuff in a while so I wanted to give it a shot. I won’t post the pic we’re using for the magazine (duh!) but I’ll show you some of the beautiful pics of my model I didn’t use!

This is Songa Anu who is actually a vampire in my legacy that my family hasn’t met yet. But you might have seen The Temple of Anu which is where her tribe of vampires would worship/eat whatever vampires do in their ancient temples.

03-02-17_2-42-58 PM.png03-02-17_2-42-03 PM.png03-02-17_2-41-20 PM.png03-02-17_2-40-09 PM.png03-02-17_2-35-25 PM.png

She was a great model and I can’t wait to work her into the legacy! Hopefully my gals meet her in their travels. So far they haven’t but I’d love to have more vampire stuff to play with in my legacy so we’ll see!!!


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