The Great adventure

03-03-17_12-37-07 AM.png

Lajenta wandered out to the garden looking for Amali. The Queen had come back to the main camp and it had just been the two women and a Sheba living there with a giant garden to tend to. But soon it would be just Amali and the Sheba, Lajenta was with child and anticipating her first trip to the Orchard. Amali gave her her blessings and wondered to herself what she would do now? She’d never been on her own.

03-03-17_12-43-05 AM.png

She was a little unnerved by the idea and quickly decided to make her way to visit Catarina and her family. The journey would help shake the feeling of loneliness.

The breeze cools as it howls over the Great Waters and Amali feels a chill. She has traveled for a long time and can just now see the hiss of smoke over a hill in front of her. She must be close.

03-03-17_12-48-48 AM.png

As she enters the little camp it’s not Catarina’s big laugh that greets her, it’s her daughter Dascha and a tall man with light hair like Amali has never even imagined the likes of. The little Ojas tribe is not as familiar with Dascha as Catarina, but she welcomes the Queen with laughter and warmth.

03-03-17_12-53-27 AM.png

Amali and Dascha spent the day getting to know each other and when Catarina got back they shared a delicious meal unlike anything Amali had eaten before. She and Catarina were talking about their travels, but Catarina confessed that she was much too old and sore to travel the same as she had before.

03-03-17_1-04-19 AM.png

Amali was sad that her friend wasn’t able to travel but didn’t want to disrespect her in front of the rest of the Solveig tribe. She decided it would be a great way to get to know her daughter Dascha a little more, and they decided that this was a good plan. Amali and Dascha would find some adventures together.



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