Snow and Ice

05-20-17_6-26-41 PM.png


I liked this styling best, I wanted her in a big ol’ fur coat looking like the Queen of the Ice Age or something, but I couldn’t really get this big fur coat to work out. Gawd, I loved her hair like this too…

05-20-17_3-03-49 PM.png

05-20-17_1-18-41 PM.png

05-20-17_1-28-02 PM.png05-20-17_1-34-10 PM.png

Here’s what I ended up with:

snow and ice 3.3.jpg I lost it on the shoes I think… they for some mysterious reason, don’t look very clear and nice like the rest of her does, the graphics failed me, or something… I don’t know. But I’d already done more work than you should with no pay and couldn’t bring myself to do anymore work on it. I just turned it in and said “fabtiffsim. This is a game within a game… it’s not real. Just post the dang pic.”



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