It’s business time!

06-13-17_2-00-50 PM.png

Archie Davis in her Strictly Business photoshoot. I didn’t think I would like a business photoshoot to be honest, I thought it was boring. But with her funky hair and accessories I ended up really liking it, and I worked on a different outfit too haha06-13-17_1-52-29 PM.png06-13-17_1-51-14 PM.png06-15-17_11-12-51 PM.png06-15-17_11-13-06 PM.png

This was the shot I submitted. She looks like a #girlboss and I am diggin’ it. I seem to do better on the scoreboard when I do an in-game shot, I dunno why. Maybe I’m not very good at editing yet? But I like it anyway, them stinkin’ judges can’t keep me down.


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  1. amyqueen says:

    She’s stunning! Both of her outfits are on point but I especially love the pop of color of the frame of her glasses 🙂

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      I loved the glasses too! They’re super cute. Thanks for checking it out!!

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