Eda is a Vampire

Eda is a Vampire

She would sneak very quietly out of her bed chambers at night to read the strange book she had acquired. It validated her strange cravings and her morbid personality.

06-26-17_9-51-02 PM.png

She had a word for her mannerisms. She had gift from her Gods in the form of this leather-bound guide.

There were others in the tribe that wished to have answers for the strange happenings around them. Others who wished it could all be found in a book, one they could hold in their hands and pass down to their daughters. Something to tell them how to live and why these wonders enfolded.

ADREANA OJAS wanted her Ojas sister’s powers. She wanted to do good with these powers, she wanted to know more about it and have the answers that everyone was always asking about. But she was just so MAD that Eda had been born this way and she had not!

06-26-17_10-09-51 PM.png

But her tempers always cooled, you just had to wait her out. You would find her laughing and chatting with other Ojas, all lounging in different states of dress or undress, asking her Ojas sister about vampires and what she was finding in her studies.

06-26-17_10-41-31 PM.png

And Eda would tell her what she was discovering, she shared her knowledge and the Ojas did not judge her and her strange urges. But poor little Adreana wanted to know the most about it.

06-26-17_10-44-31 PM.png

Eda wished her sacred book DID have the answers for her friends, but it did not. She just continued her notes, and drained the Sheba until his skin withered and he looked like an old Ojas woman.

06-26-17_10-47-57 PM.png

No one had seen an old Sheba, they never lived this long, they were sacrificed, but Jade had told this bizarre Ojas that she could have him, to gain knowledge and nourishment from him.

One exceptionally dark night, Eda and Adreana slipped away to a dark corner of the village, away from the stinking garlic and prying eyes of their sisters. They wanted to try out a little game that Eda had never tried with anyone else before. She gently took the lead of her eager friend, tucking her hair off to the side to expose her smooth neck.

06-26-17_10-58-57 PM.png

Eda’s hands tangled in Adreana’s hair as she offered up her own wrist… if Adreana’s body tasted so good then surely her own must be as tasty to Adreana? She had never offered her own body back to the Sheba, it had never occurred to her. But she wanted to share with her friend.

06-26-17_11-42-05 PM.png

Nobody suspected what the two were up to in the secret corners of a bush. And with a sly grin Adreana slipped off to go back to sleep in her chambers.

06-26-17_11-46-10 PM.png

*I have no idea why these Ojas are hanging out in their petticoats so much these days… lazy sims!*



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