Midnight counsels

Eda Ojas had lived in the mist filled mountains of Forgotten Hollow all her life. She had been born in the first settlement of The Ojas Village and knew the area well. She enjoyed getting know Jade and her beautiful daughter Sanchas and she became friends with the two Ojas.

06-26-17_8-55-03 PM.png

She enjoyed the dark cool air of the lower rooms, and she liked to stay inside. She was a little strange, Jade observed, but she was also very sweet and helpful while the Ojas adjusted to their new home. As the young girl was complaining the one day, Jade realizes that there is something very different about her…

06-26-17_9-00-02 PM.png

Eda REALLY didn’t like the sunshine outside. She felt it sizzle like the farm animals on the fire spit.

06-26-17_9-00-37 PM.png

Eda told her that she realized that this was very different from the other Ojas, but she did not wish to hide anything from her beloved Queen. She wanted to bite the Sheba. When he brought out that steaming pile of food on a platter for dinner, she found no appetite for the warm, chewy meat in front of her, but for the one who brought it to her…

06-26-17_9-06-12 PM.png

This concerns Jade to her core. But she will not abandon any Ojas woman who has come to her for help. She doesn’t want to panic the other Ojas women either… so she waits for nightfall, when the Ojas are sighing their soft dreams in their warm beds, and she waits for Eda to come sneaking out of her own warm room into the brisk night, and she signals to the Sheba that she told to wait in the shadows of the kitchen before meeting her outside.

06-26-17_9-17-56 PM.png06-26-17_9-18-22 PM.png06-26-17_9-18-42 PM.png

She offered the tasty Sheba flesh to her dear Ojas follower. If he was to be sacrificed, maybe she could use his honorable flesh to feed her weird, possibly sick child, and then maybe her weird, possibly sick child could be cured?

She was afraid of the scary look that came over Eda’s face, and she was even more afraid when the young girl reached for the man’s neck so gingerly, and broke his skin with her teeth, a soft moan as blood gushed from the Sheba’s neck into the girls fervent mouth.

06-26-17_9-23-01 PM.png

Jade is horrified and quickly retreats to her private sleeping chambers, while Eda is left standing there… a droplet of sweet thick blood smeared near her chin. She wipes at it with wonder as the Sheba crosses to his own Sheba Sleeping quarters, dragging his feet and crying softly in confusion. She writes down her own experience, digs through archives to find any knowledge of a previous experience, but only finds a short encounter of a man who burned into a pile of ashes.

06-26-17_9-31-34 PM.png

She spent the night searching but could find nothing else. So she wrote down her own thoughts and sensations, she would keep track.

And she would visit that Sheba’s bedchambers again. Soon.

06-26-17_9-35-17 PM.png





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