A big move.

expectant jade.jpg

The village might have been eerie and grim in the dead of night, but it was filled with laughter and knowledge and bodies. Bodies will do what bodies do, and The Queen was now expecting. This place was too cool and dark to raise babies, but it was prosperous, and the Queen had money to set up a new village where the dark children could grow strong. They set off down the trails by the river, a place written about in the books their ancestors wrote, a place of warm seas and lush trees. This journey was easy with the help of horses and donkeys, carriages and luxuries that their mothers and aunts would have envied.

They built a beautiful home on the shore by the big blue ocean, where they had room and sunshine for growing their garden. Piedra Del Sal Scuela.

piedra del sal scuela.jpg

*the kitchen caught on fire!*


07-06-17_2-08-05 PM.png

07-06-17_2-08-19 PM.png

07-06-17_2-28-49 PM.png

07-06-17_2-28-55 PM.png


06-30-17_2-50-56 AM.png

They had neighbors! An ancient family that had been living on these warm coastal shores for many generations now,  the Solveig Family! 

They had beautiful light skin and their hair was the color of the soft sand that touched the sea. They had strange magic in their eyes, and the hard lines of their jaws and cheekbones made them look stern when in fact the Solveig’s were a warm and fun loving family.

The Solveig’s had some news of dark creatures in the night prowling in the wooded areas that stretched between the two homes, and Jade tried her best to act surprised and cover her real interests in these stories. The Soveig’s had not seen anything like this before, and had no explanations, and so the tales grew bigger, scarier, and wilder as the word spread around.

06-30-17_2-55-46 AM.png

06-30-17_2-55-31 AM.png

They didn’t know what roamed around in the shadows after the sun had set. But Jade and her Ojas knew. But they had this secret and more to keep from their new friends and neighbors.


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