A dark hunger

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The sister vampires wandered during the long nights, and in the morning the Ojas heard stories from other tribes and neighbors. It was alarming, and Jade was very concerned… they were more insatiable than she first imagined they could be.

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And the hunger had spread to other Ojas, she had a daughter named Turid who also thirsted for something beyond the simple mashed up apple sauce that Jade fed to her.

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People were talking. There was a big night fight with the Anu, the ancient blood drinkers in Forgotten Hollow, and (thankfully) her Ojas won. She didn’t know why they were hostile towards each other… Maybe they should not have left the dark  Ojas Village where her morbid tribal sisters could lurk safely in the dark. She was unsure.

07-23-17_11-33-38 AM.png07-23-17_11-35-11 AM.png07-23-17_11-41-20 AM.png

Where could she keep her followers safe? How had her daughter been inflicted with this strange nightly hunger? How many more of her women would succumb to this? The sunny and windy beaches of their new home were supposed to be a safe place for little Ojas minds to flourish… could they do this with such strange darkness surrounding them?

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  1. Megs says:

    Oh my! A vampire Amazon tribe?! *bookmarks to catch up*

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Just a few!! hehe but thanks I appreciate it!!

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