Tenebres El Sorores

The dark hunger  of the Ojas sisters needed to be discussed. Sanchas Ojas, the heiress of the Ojas was enjoying her dinner in the dining hall when her mother, Creator Jade found her. They discussed in deep hushed tones what was to be done about the Blood drinking Ojas.

07-24-17_1-05-55 PM.png

The sun was setting, the Sheba had lit the candles, and you could hear the thirsty Ojas women wandering through the cool halls of Piedra del Sal Sceula. They would scuttle out into the darkness soon, to whatever mischief awaited them. Jade didn’t know if it was unkind of her to discourage their own nature, even if it was different from her own. Sanchas was a bright young woman, she had wanted to provide an income while her mother sat as Creator, rather than enjoy the leisure that previous heiress before her had enjoyed. She knew the world was growing and changing around them.

07-24-17_1-06-26 PM.png

She advised her mother that families in the neighborhood consisted more of a “wife” and “husband” and their children, less and less the large “tribes” that the Ojas had always stuck to.

Jade was less sure of this idea than her daughter. She knew the importance of tradition. And she wasn’t about to be the Creator to change anything so drastically.

07-24-17_1-19-07 PM.png

She decided that there should be a different fort for the Sisters with Dark Thirsts. A whole different branch of the tribe that could learn and drink together. The two sisters with the most knowledge could keep it in order, and they would teach the younger Ojas with the same disposition their brooding ways.

So she gathered up some supplies, and they set out to find a new home for the Sisters with Dark Thirsts.

So they crossed the big waters and found a cozy little place to build a new home for the Dark Sisterhood.

tenebres el sorores.jpg

07-24-17_7-08-38 PM.png

At night it was spooky and dark, but during the day it appeared (from the outside at least) cozy. Inside was dark, filled with odd trinkets that the Sisterhood of Dark Thirsts appreciated.

07-24-17_7-11-47 PM.png

07-24-17_7-12-04 PM.png

07-24-17_7-12-18 PM.png

07-24-17_7-12-46 PM.png

07-24-17_7-12-56 PM.png

The rooms were small and didn’t require a kitchen… the women who would live here wouldn’t have any need for one. They started settling in, and quickly noticed that there weren’t any other homes in the area. Jade had brought them to a place far from the rest of the tribe, and their neighbors. They would have to travel more to find their meals, but not so far that they were going to starve.

Still. They couldn’t say they were pleased by this news.

the dark sisterhood



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