A Good Old Fashioned Sheba Sacrifice

07-24-17_8-11-47 PM.png

Eda feels a hot rush through her body, she usually is very sweet, despite needing to drink from the necks of those who surround her, but on this day she is not. She is fire and resent. Undeterred by Jade’s rank in the tribe, she raises her voice, yells even, and she feels an intense need for Jade to understand that she feels shunned to the outskirts of civilization in this new home.

07-24-17_8-12-06 PM.png

Jade has never had a tribe member raise their voice to her, and she is surprised because she thought that she could help her mystical sisters, but there is a place in her heart that she knows that she did not wish to be whispered about in her village.

Not only is Eda disrespecting traditions, she is doing so in front of Sanchas, the heir to the Ojas, and she is far from pleased. She tells Eda that she should not be questioning the wishes of their leader, and that she will not tolerate such behavior from Eda.

07-24-17_8-52-17 PM.png

Jade does feel more secure with her daughter on her side, she has very strong beliefs in their authority over the other Ojas. They must respect the customs that have come from before any of them were alive. She pulls her mother out of the house telling Eda that they will stay in their new home, and that any other Ojas born with their tendency, they will also be living there. They are a part of this tribe and they must accept this.

07-24-17_8-54-40 PM.png

As they leave the small cottage Jade feels a real sense of pride in her strong daughter.

07-24-17_8-55-11 PM.png

Jade and Sanchas retreat to Vive’ro Orchard, the nursery in the woods,  to contemplate what has happened. No Ojas has ever really struck out at the Queen before, and Jade has many worries. She is one of the most charismatic leaders in Ojas history and thinks that maybe a party will help boost the mood of her tribal sisters. But it’s not quite the success she is hoping for. She is weighted down with worry.

07-24-17_9-24-26 PM.png

The old Sheba who lives here hasn’t improved his cooking over the years. She wonders if she’s slipping, and that’s why this old Sheba is even alive. Obviously something must be done about this as well.

old man sadon.jpg

Well, if a party can’t cheer up these Ojas, a good old fashioned Sheba Sacrifice might. Off they go to The Ojas Sacred Grounds where this tradition has been carried out for many generations.

a good ol fashioned sheba sacrifice

Jade watches as the electric currents shook the Sheba’s body into convulsions, and his skin burned before their eyes.

So much violence.

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