There were still secret feelings on the Sheba Sacrifices from many Ojas. It was difficult to watch someone die even if it was for the good of the tribe. Times were changing and the Ojas were the only family who was participating in this ancient ritual. Other people in the community would think they were barbaric or witches. So they kept it to themselves. One night at the The Monk’s Brewery  Sanchas, the young and beautiful heir to the Ojas tribe, found herself looking at a free man, and a beautiful one at that.

07-28-17_11-40-45 AM.png

Men from outside of the Sheba’s were VERY forbidden. They did not have the same Ojas blood running through them and were considered even less than the Sheba. But Sanchas was intrigued nonetheless.

07-28-17_11-42-32 AM.png

He had a wonderful laugh, he had an appealing body, his skin was so smooth and light, he probably wasn’t related to her in some ancient way… but he did not accept any of her flirtations, and she sulked away from this stranger. She sipped the Monk’s sweet ale and thought about this man and the odd feelings that she suppressed quietly came to the surface.

07-28-17_11-54-14 AM.png

But it wasn’t long before her own Ojas duties were encouraged to be fulfilled. There was an alluring Sheba that she couldn’t help but admire, and she would try to make a baby with him. She knew her mother was praying for a success!

07-29-17_5-28-02 PM.png

So Sanchas found herself settling in a little bit. She and her mother were comfortable as Sanchas grew a belly filled with Ojas magic and light! She and her mother enjoyed quiet evenings making art and music. They had friendly banter about the merits of being born in the woods versus the benefit of being born in the great sands, and Sanchas and her mother Jade grew close.

07-31-17_11-23-51 PM.png

Jade had already given birth to three beautiful daughters and was very content. She could see strength in her eldest daughter, pride in her second, and a tiny little bud of a flower in her third, who she had no doubt would grow as strong and fine as her sisters.

her three daughters.jpg

08-01-17_11-03-36 AM.png

She would have no more, her red flower had ceased to come, but she had done so well that she did not mind. She talked candidly with her daughter, even mentioning that there had been a mysterious man who had intrigued her in her younger days as well. The natural instincts of the strongest of the strong -the urge to conquer the men they saw, the desire to take what they wanted and make it their own- these instincts were natural to them and the powerful women that came before.08-01-17_11-14-29 AM.png

Jade had her ways of keeping her own secrets buried deep. Sanchas would just have to figure out her own.

08-08-17_12-22-47 AM.png



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