The Unfruitful

08-01-17_10-48-10 AM.png

Aalis Ojas was Jade’s second born daughter, and she inherited Puente le Lailah for she was important even though she would probably not ever lead the Ojas. Still, it was important to her to leave her own heir to this beautiful home she had been granted. It had long belonged to the sister of whoever was heir, and she held this position with pride. But she had one slight… difficulty in this department…

08-01-17_10-53-54 AM.png

She could not stomach any amount of flirting.

She had such a hard relationship with the Sheba. She would eat the flirty heart cookies he would make, she would read the steamy books that piled high on the bookshelf, she would listen to the secret late night whispers of her Ojas sisters, telling stories of the different spicy Shebas they had made babies with… and she would feel the urges, and she would feel the desire in her heart to have little Ojas girls at the nursery, and her own daughter to take responsibility for this esteemed household…

She would saunter over to the Sheba and strike up a conversation, and maybe it would go well for a few minutes, but inevitably she recoiled and said something awkward that even a man sworn to give her what she wants could not find a way to push the conversation forward.

08-01-17_10-53-16 AM.png

She just could not make this happen for herself and she would slink away mortified.

She would throw herself into her arts. She enjoyed both the loom and the easel, but her mother, Jade, sat down gently beside her one evening. She told her that she knew it was hard and she was supportive to Aalis’s fears, but she also had to be encouraged to keep trying. 08-01-17_11-21-03 AM.png

This was important work for a Creator’s daughter. And Aalis had been given an important place in the Ojas tribe. These ways might be old-fashioned, but they were imperative to the survival of their specific branch of the Ojas family tree.

But still, it did not go well (*notice the party guest in the corner*) and it was ackward for everyone around them.

08-01-17_11-37-05 AM.png

Aalis’s mother, the creator Jade, would find her final resting place before Aalis could make any grand children for her. Aalis was super upset by this, she felt a burning shame, she wished she had fulfilled her Ojas duties for her mother.

The Ojas noticed a distinct difference in her forever after Jade fell into the Endless Sleep. She drew and painted furiously, red splattered easels and loud exclamations filled her days. She painted until her heart raced too fast, her breathing ragged… she collapsed to the ground, clutching her chest.

08-10-17_11-45-53 PM.png

The grim had to visit the humble home, and took her to rest with her ancestors. She never did create an heir, and she could not fill the halls of her home with the sound of her own daughters. Her final breath a disappointed rasp, scratched out of her body like the prickly plants that raised up from the sandy hills to touch the hot sun.

Her skin had grown so hot with rage, and was slow to cool. Now no one would live at Puente le Lailah.



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