Memory Lane Challenge

I was nominated by EddieSims for the Memory Challenge!

I haven’t really looked back at my legacy… which I used to to in TS3 when we could just have photo albums… actually now that I get thinking about it, it’s the reason I started a blog hahahaha so I guess I should get to it!

Thanks EddieSims! This could be fun!

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Share FIVE of your favourite moments from your legacy/story/challenge so far
  3. Nominate up to 5 blogs to do the same.


I like the first time I got to visit Sylvan’s Glade, I STILL haven’t been to many other secret locations, I’ve been to the hermit’s place and I think that’s it hahaha! So here’s Aadhya’s Garden  (there isn’t too much of a plot with it, it’s just beautiful.)

One of my first attempts at the Amazon challenge was with a different tribe and the Creator had to kill her first Sheba. I was looking for a way to tie the sacrifice into the story so the first sister to enter the tribe was caught flirting with the only Sheba. The Invention of Queen is about the murder of the first Sheba and why! Moonlit Lovers is the next post, about that same tribal sister meeting up with the ghost of the Sheba! I forgot about this haha but there’s some ghosty sex!

But they hadn’t built the Ojas sacred grounds yet, and here’s the first Sheba sacrifice and a new Tradition was born!

Rites of Passage : where Lajenta burns to death  was a gruesome episode I guess.


Honestly, I think I’ve just started figuring out the ins and outs of writing simlit, before I was just documenting what happened and making up some reason for it, but I feel a little more comfortable and confident about what I’m about to write. My ideas for what’s next to come! But I appreciated looking back anyway, it was fun!

Now I nominate:

Sim-ply Awesome

Thymeless Legacies

The SimScraper

Sim Out Loud!

munterbacon sims


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