The Rebirth – A new life for Selda Brooker

The Great Ojas Manor fire consumed the lives of Lady Ojas, her heir Amee Ojas, and some other important members of the Ojas family, leaving the little village exposed to the dark ghouls that had tortured them before Lady Sanchas agreed to protect them. The villagers were afraid that the banshee women that howled in the night would come back, and they were frantic with fear. Turid knew it wasn’t safe anymore. She packed her things, killed her Sheba, and decided to hide in the deep woods. But she had to pass the smoking embers of The Ojas Manor. There, in the high grass was movement, and a small whimper. Turid found a tiny little baby, and tucked her into a basket under her arm. Little Maria Aden would come to the Deep woods with Turid, who now went by Selda Brooker.

09-30-17_9-33-03 PM.png

Selda was afraid of the villagers. She thought it best to hide out in the deep woods with the fire-survivor, Maria Aden. The little girl was dark with fiery red hair, but charming and they had a nice life in the woods.

baby born of flame.jpg

Selda had never, ever been on her own but she found a place to raise the little baby, it was quiet and peaceful. But she could sense the strange strength, and she knew it must have pulled her to it’s door.

spirited forest cathedral.jpg

It’s quiet walls held everything they could possibly need. They spent much time reading books, painting nice pictures of the trees around them, talking and being safe. Selda was so inspired and moved by the place, and they enjoyed a wonderful life there.

10-01-17_7-34-16 PM.png

As soon as the fire haired Maria was big enough to make the journey, they returned to her old home. She would not tell Maria that this had been the home of the Dark Sisters, she told her nothing about her past. She told her that there would be other people, women, men, even other children, in this far away place. Maria was not afraid! She followed Selda not knowing that Selda had lived in this very home, or that she was known then as Turid Ojas.

No one would call her that now.

10-01-17_8-17-06 PM.png

She had spent so much time in the deep woods, only being nourished by small animals that she trapped by the big tree. She needed human flesh. The last time she had hunted human she had two thirsty sisters to help her. It was difficult to meet all of little Maria’s needs and her own at the same time, the hunt was much more dangerous this time around.

10-01-17_9-59-53 PM.png

After a very close call in the sunlight, she knew it was a bad idea to do it on her own. She desired companionship, someone who could help her raise this confident little fire child. But who? There were days when her malcontent was unbearable, she awoke in such a rage that she stomped around the little shack. One day her thirst so uncontrollable that she drank from her darling Maria.

10-08-17_1-35-33 PM.png

The sweet young lady didn’t fight her. Selda licked up the sugary, thick juices without abandon, and it was only afterwards, when she walked away satisfied, that she felt guilt tickle its way up her spine, and into her face, her cheeks flushing red with the heat of it. She had to find some way to make peace with her rebellious nature and her family duties.

So she spent more and more time in the deep woods, mixing her potions, and she would sell them at her little Backwoods Apothecary, a small little shop nestled into the forest by a happy little stream. 10-08-17_3-59-06 PM.pngbackwoods apothecary

It was at the Apothecary where she first laid her dark gaze upon the delicious face of Raheem.

10-08-17_2-39-18 PM.png

*A Fun side note! I tried to track down how he ended up green, there’s a few generations in his family tree, I didn’t make any of them, and I don’t think he’s a plant sim or an alien haha just the magical world of sims and I love it! I hope there’s some green babies!*







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  1. oshizu584 says:

    I’m happy you found a narrative means to continue your story. You spend so much time and effort with your clothing, builds, and lore!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Aw thanks! Definitely still working on it, just making bigger stories rather than small updates! I always liked in TS3 when you could do the photo albums, but there isn’t really a good option for that on TS4 so I’m happy to blog about it haha

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  2. oshizu584 says:

    Haha, I just reread this update. I forgot to tell you the first time how much I love the Backwoods Apothecary!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Thanks, it was one of my favs! I’m re-working on a new legacy and they haven’t progressed to that era yet, but I’m really looking forward to it!

      Liked by 2 people

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