The Heat

Maria told the good people that she had Banished this Night Walker that held her family hostage, and that they could all do it too. The Trees told her in whispers that she could save the church and the villagers, and she did.

The people were very thankful, and they felt inspired by her speeches, and they worked harder now that they were happy and safe. They prospered, and so did her own family because of this. They had the power to move the people, and the people moved about making everyone more and more money.

But she also felt responsible for these people, and she worked just as hard for them and their families as they worked for hers. Everyone was safe and comfortable because of her. She had made a big sacrifice for everyone. And maybe, because the hard part had fallen to her, maybe they were a little too comfortable.

11-24-17_5-27-53 PM

As Maria retreats to the comfortable front room of the manor with a tasty concoction of sweet honey and mead, she almost walks into her niece. The blue-skinned beauty was shapely and made everyone smile, even the orphaned boy they took in, Beckett. And he was pressing his lips to Roesli, her face lit up by only the candles on the table and the pit of smoldering coals.

11-24-17_5-33-46 PM.png

She drops her drink to the floor, shocked by the strange display. They had merged their families together, they had become one, and a wealthy one at that. They were a well known family that everyone living nearby looked towards for guidance and example. She shoos them away, hissing that they better stop themselves from this devil behavior.

Maria gathers with ladies she has known for many years now, inviting them to their quiet barn where Akira, her groom, has set up a table for private conversations that the children or other guests in the house must not hear. She skirts and skips around the actual memory, asking her friends questions just slightly smoothed and polished so they might not guess it was her own family that she wondered about.

11-24-17_5-54-51 PM.png

They glance down at their drinks, avoiding her eyes and ask softly if there had been more than a kiss. She gasps and cries out that her family was not so low. But in truth, she does not know if her niece knows of these things. She had come of age with no mother to come to when her young body changed and stretched and she was no longer the sweet little Roesli.

The guests start gathering to leave, waving and promising to see Maria at church soon, they would look forward to her insightful sermons! She sips a sweet drink through her lips and turns to grab another bottle from the storage room.

In the room under the stairs is Roesli, pouring sweet nectar from a brown jug. Maria’s lip curls and she interrogates the tall beauty about Beckett, the boy she had known as a child and slept down the hall from.

11-24-17_6-44-30 PM.png

The shameful rage she feels when the young woman’s belly swells is unbearable. She doesn’t know if anyone has noticed this growth, but she must act quickly. She has worked so hard to have everyone listen to the miracle of the whispering trees and she would not have her work overshadowed by a sinful and unsanctioned pregnancy.

She tells her young niece that she will need to hideaway, that she would come up with a plan to disguise this sinful mistake. She is talking in a low voice, hoping to spare the girl any embarrassment, but Roesli’s face darkens. Maria has a sudden and terrible flashback to a time when she was no older than her disgraceful niece, and the imagined pain in her neck is unbearable. She closes her eyes to the pain and is met with pitch black.

When she awakes it is to intense heat. She grabs her head and opens her eyes, she can see smoke and her niece is not far, but has her back turned to her.

11-25-17_12-11-31 AM.png

The swell of her niece’s life-forming body is dark and looming. She feels pain roaring through her body. She can not move her body to escape, she tries to crawl but her limbs will not lift. There is nothing inside of her body save for the rage of hot pain. She closes her eyes and succumbs to the heat. The trees are deathly silent.

The baby born of the flames was now a woman burned by the flames.


And then my game was impossible to play! Too much CC and the new pets update, yikes. I think there’s an old save or something that is making it nutty. 

Ah Well!

You should have noticed by now I love restarting haha so that’s what I’m going to do! I’m going to restart my whole world and play from the prehistoric times again. I’ve got a more clear idea of what I want to do and how I want to tell a story. So do not be sad! I hope you enjoyed the Ojas and the Rebirth of Selda, because I did! And now I’m going to enjoy a new story!




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    FabTiff, hats off to your resilience, girl!

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