Tales of the New World


Deep in the woods there is a wide and wild river, where ancient fish swim freely. Prehistoric fish that are strange and different from the fish you know and love today. On the banks of this raging river is a cave. Inside the cave lived two cold and hungry people.

The new World

The cold and hungry people are Luvlis Bearheart and Roki Big Waters, and they lived among an almost tame pack of saber toothed tigers.

12-03-17_11-31-32 PM.png

They tried to catch the fish that frolic in the river, but they hadn’t figured out how to cook this fish, the slimy flesh was unbearable while still raw, and the bones were sharp. The human couple was slowly starving while trying to gather up enough fruit and veggies to eat.

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The stress of not eating was hard on them, they bickered and fought. They did not enjoy each other’s company. But it is cold in the cave, and worse outside of it. They needed each other’s body to keep them warm at night.

Even though the river flows triumphantly through the rocks, it does not clean their smelly bodies. The odor of unwashed human and saber toothed tiger is unpleasant, but surprisingly Luvlis grew larger and larger with child.

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They figure out what happens after a woman’s body stretches and strains and out comes two tiny and wailing little humans! But she is quickly growing again, and out comes one more little baby. The couple has a hard enough time keeping themselves cleaned and fed, but with three small children to tend to, the cave is a disastrous mess of feathers, fur, and spoiled apple cores. The whole family was exhausted.

12-05-17_2-55-20 AM.png

They are living a hard life. One without fun and entertainment, one without ANY comforts, but hard tasks that must always be kept up or the family will starve to death.

12-05-17_1-03-17 PM.png

Luvlis and Roki have to search for more food. They find a quiet stream off of the big roar of the river, and there is clean water to bathe in, and large plants to harvest. The children are near the banks of the river, playing loudly. The commotion attracts an animal too large to be fended off by both the humans or the saber toothed tigers.

12-22-17_12-59-31 PM.png

12-22-17_1-03-58 PM

The ground trembles like a small flower under the power of this beast. It pounds its way quickly to the family and scoops up a small baby into it’s jaws and is off before they can get everyone into the safety of a nearby waterfall. There is no carnage, there is no blood, the baby is just… gone.

12-22-17_1-26-52 PM.png

Luvlis is devastated by their loss. This magical river might wash their bodies clean, but it has washed the joy from her heart. She is forced to keep on for the livelihood of her remaining daughters, but it is a life without mirth.


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