The tale of the Cave Bears

The Cave Bears can be traced back to the time when Luvlis the Great Mother and Roki of the big waters had to escape the great beasts that ate their baby. They had gathered their children and fled deep into the forest where they thought the beast would be too big to break through the thick trees. 12-27-17_6-11-48 PM.png

They found a great cave with deep walls that could keep them safe. It was cool and quiet in these caves and they made a little home.

12-27-17_6-43-27 PM.png

But they were not alone in these deep dark woods. It was a different beast that Luvlis encountered in the woods, one with hair. It was wild and hungry and Luvlis was worried that it would bring danger to the children that were still alive.

12-27-17_6-26-34 PM.png


12-27-17_6-26-59 PM.png

Luvlis the Great Mother defeated the wild bear in a fight. The bear runs away to safety. But the bear could also be very tricky. The bear followed the tribe back to their cave by the roaring river. It made a whole new home under a different cave nearby. When Roki came to find water for his tribe, the sneaky cave bear seduced him.

01-07-18_7-53-46 PM.png

The cave bear told Roki that she was called Paah, and she falls in love with Roki. Her love convinces him to visit her in the bear cave.

But Roki doesn’t visit her in the bear cave again. She misses him and wails longingly for her love. She wails until a small baby bear cub is birthed, and she loves this son knowing that it came from her love with Roki.

But her love for Roki has angered Luvlis the great Mother, who sends a Great Hunter to track her and her family down. A wild haired woman with a scarred face strikes down her daughter in the night, and kills many of her clan members.

02-08-18_5-47-33 PM.png

Much blood is shed, and many lives lost. The Great War will be remembered. Paah and her son survive. And the young bear learns his hatred for humans.

02-01-18_1-47-26 PM


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