Angor the Blue Eyed God and the Angor Mermaids

There is a legend of long ago that speaks of a great rock place. The place where the souls were held. It is said that Roki from the Big Waters was searching for a lost saber toothed tiger. A great leader of the almost tamed pack of ancient tigers had gone missing, and Roki, who was fond of the soft and toothy creatures, went to find him. He searched high and low and for many sleeps under the bright moon, and for such a long time he could not find the big cat. But he came across a mound of rocks. He descended down into their depths to a mysterious misty pond.

12-28-17_10-49-20 PM

There he was greeted by a cold chill and a voice that called him closer to the pool of blue water. The light around him swirled and he could see the being that the voice came from.

12-28-17_10-52-13 PM

Great birds flew around his head and the two heads of icy women in the pools. She beckoned for him to come forward, and she told him that the great blue eyed God has taken his tiger. He has been made a holy sacrifice.

12-28-17_10-57-59 PM

But the soul of the Saber Toothed Tiger is safe here with the Blue Eyed God. This deity keeps it within It’s great icy eye, and no harm can come to it in the after life. Roki is sad to hear his beloved animal friend is no longer here, but the hurt is softened by the news that he can rest safely.

The Great Blue Eyed God is Angor.

Roki tells the tribe that live in the big rock cave near the flowing river about Angor, and which paths he followed to find this great burial ground. But the trip must have been long and difficult because Roki grows weaker and frailer each and every day, and it’s not long before Roki falls to the ground, crippled by old age and a long hard life.

The Grim approaches

This dark and gloomy shadow lurks through the trees. Luvlis the great Mother is nearby, she is gathering food in the long grass. She drops every tasty morsel on the ground and gasps as the being draws nearer to the father of her children.

01-07-18_9-58-41 PM

With a hard and fast swipe of it’s weapon, Roki is no more. His body is gone and all that remains is his soul. Trapped away in a little carved stone.

Her daughters are angry and scared. But Luvlis remembers the story Roki told of the Angor Burial Grounds, and she is determined to take the little carved stone to this faraway place, where it can be safe in the afterlife.

She travels for many days when she finally sees the big mountain that Roki spoke of.

01-21-18_1-40-03 PM

01-21-18_1-43-49 PM

She goes down into the great stone pits where she finds the mysterious misty pools and the cold, blue-skinned women that live in them. They have long blue tails, like the fish in the river, and they don’t have the long legs that Luvlis and her family all have. Their breath is frosty.

01-21-18_1-51-11 PM

They are not welcoming to Luvlis, but she tells them that she has the soul of Roki, who had once been here. She tells them that she is worried for this soul and whatever happens to it now that the dark shadow has injured his body.

The blue-skinned ice woman tells Luvlis that Angor the Blue Eyed God keeps souls of the dead safe. But only for a  price.

01-21-18_2-12-58 PM

Luvlis agrees to make the trade for Roki’s soul’s safety. The air around her swirls, she feels cold but light on her feet, like they aren’t touching the ground anymore…

luvlis's soul.jpg

Roki’s soul will be safe and guarded, but Luvlis was never the same again…

luvlis the great mother.jpg

She changed on that dark day, and was never the same again. She remained this way until the day her own soul left her body, many moons from her first meeting with Angor the Blue Eyed God. And from then on, the people that lived in the caves would take the souls of the people they loved to the Angor Burial Grounds to be safe. Luvlis had paid their way in. And her daughters would never forget her for this…


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  1. audreyfld says:

    These are so touching…the screen shots are amazing and help,tell the story. Awesone. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      awww jeeeeez you’re making a gal blush! Thanks too much!

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