A Great and Wise beast.

Utu with the wild hair was as fiery as the flames that engulfed her. It was widely believed that the flames were what turned her eyes red and her soul dark. Her sister had run to find her parents when the little girl was burning and luckily she was saved. Even the smokey fires couldn’t take down this wild girl. She had stood stoically, waiting for the flames to take her to meet her maker.

12-28-17_8-19-00 PM

Some believe that she grew up angry because the fires left her face scarred. Some believe that her eyes lit the fire when they turned to red, that she showed her true self that day.

She had once had a younger sister. One who was taken away by tall beasts that reached higher heights than the cave she crawled beneath to rest her body every night.

12-22-17_1-03-58 PM

It was known that she hated the beasts that took the sister.

Maybe she blamed the beasts for everything that went wrong in her life? Maybe she was put here to fight the beasts, and maybe she was a beast herself?


When she was grown and her scars never faded, she was sometimes called Utu Scarred Face, a fitting name for a young woman with a mad temper and no fear of violence. She was a fierce beast hunter, and she conquered many a wild, and dangerous animal.

01-21-18_11-42-15 PM.png

01-21-18_11-44-36 PM.png

No beast is any match for her. She brings them down and feeds her family and fellow tribe members. But it is high up on a rock where she meets a great beast that can communicate. It has great fangs and claws, but what scares Utu the most is the voice in her head that is not her own.

01-28-18_12-07-46 AM.png

This beast does not plead for it’s life. It is strong and proud. It speaks of a life along side the beasts, not a life lived fighting them to death. The creature teaches her the secrets of language and the domestication of animals, much like itself.

01-31-18_2-51-15 PM.png

It speaks straight and true and Utu learns much from this noble animal. She is growing stronger and smarter. She stays and listens intently for a long time.

01-31-18_2-56-44 PM.png

And after her head was filled with great knowledge and strategy, and the beast expected mercy, Utu with the Scarred face showed no mercy.

01-31-18_3-16-17 PM.png

She reached for a large stick and beat the animal until it breathed no more, and could not tell anyone else of these great secrets.

utu kills a beast.jpg

She returns to her tribe a hero, having unlocked many great secrets that could help ease the tribe’s every day struggles. She brought the ability to tame the beasts and domesticate them. She brought the ability to communicate with each other, with the others around them. She came back a beast slayer and the leader the Great Hunters. Their tribe was greater. She was a hero.

utu the great scarred one.jpg







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