The tale of the Great War with the Bear Clan.

Utu with the Scarred Face was a leader of the tribe’s Great Hunters. They were preparing to go out for a hunt, but she could not find her younger brother Grokk. Luvlis, the Great Mother came running to Utu, shouting and crazy eyed. A beast, a great hairy bear had confronted Luvlis and her twin sons in the woods. This bear had opened her jaws so wide that a great song came roaring out. The song had cast a spell on the twins and they had left Luvlis for this large howling creature! The Bear had laughed and laughed at Luvlis’s pain, for Luvlis the Great Mother had loved her sons. And now they were bewitched by this retched bear.

02-01-18_1-10-35 PM

02-01-18_1-34-27 PM

Luvlis told her daughter, Utu The Great Hunter that she could not bear to lose her sons like this. They were not as strong as her intelligent daughter Utu, and Utu could not believe her brother’s betrayal.

02-01-18_3-25-43 PM.png

She swore to the Great Mother that she would have revenge on these traitors. They would pay for this treachory. She gathered the Great Hunters and they planned a great attack.

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The hunters rallied around her and they snuck off into the night. They crept up to the cave, stalking their prey.

02-08-18_5-44-31 PM.png

They ambushed the Bear Clan, scaring the sleeping beasts. All kinds of bears came running out of the caves, and the Great Hunters started taking them on. Utu swung her great club and struck down a few of the running bears. Utu found a young female bear and struck her hard on her great hairy head.

02-08-18_5-55-10 PM.png

The blood pooled in the caves, put out the fires, and the big war was lit only by the light of the moon. Utu struck the young bear with all her force, sending her flying into the night sky, the blood of the bear sprayed down on the ground where they fought.

02-08-18_5-56-14 PM.png

02-08-18_5-44-49 PM.png

It was Paah’s own daughter. She came crashing down onto the ground and the Bears were screaming. Utu grabbed the limp body of the bear by the head. She screamed at Paah.

02-08-18_5-55-51 PM.png

She howled her triumph over the lifeless body of Paah’s heir, the blood still gushing from her mashed head. What was left of the Bear Clan ran screaming from what was left of their home. Utu had won the Great War with the Bear Clan.


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