The Great Mother

After the Great War with the Bear Clan, where the strong and mighty Great Hunters defeated the nasty animals, lead by Utu the Great Scar Faced Hunter, and the animals all bowed down to her, people would listen to her, and asked to be protected by her. The Bear Clan was looked down upon. Luvlis the Great Mother, who had given birth to the fearless Utu was growing older and frailer, and Utu stressed to her followers the importance of family. Families like hers must stick together, must live together.

Dagan, her quiet and gentle sister, took Utu’s victory to heart, and tended only to the small, fluffy beasts that roamed near the cave.

But Luvlis felt that she had fulfilled her great role in this life. She had given birth to the Great Hunter, Utu with the Scarred Face. And her courageous daughter would bring the people together to make their own clan. To make their own tribe of people. Better than any Bear that had ever sulked these forests.

the great mother.jpg

She knew her role was now complete. She would grow weaker and weaker and older and older, and soon her daughter could be the first true Matriarch of the Family. As soon as she could pass this role to her…

So Luvlis the Great Mother made her way to the place where the misty and dark rocks had a small opening to a pool of foggy blue waters, where a great and strange creature lived and watched over the souls of the Last of the Saber Toothed Tiger, and the father of Utu, Roki Big Waters.

02-15-18_3-30-14 PM.png

The Angor Burial Grounds.

The strange blue woman who lived in the water, that guarded the souls of the dead, had waited for Luvlis. She had already once taken a fee from Luvlis’s own body, and now Luvlis would remain safe, lying next to the man she had laid next to in life.

luvlis dies.jpg

Luvlis dies and the first generation is complete! Mother to the first of the cave sims. The Original Wife. Her children would tell the stories of her, but it was before the time of the written word, and her stories will flip and flop, and slide into a different meaning and altered tales. Utu, the Scar Faced Leader of the Great Hunters is now the Matriarch, and the tribe will progress! They take down a great tree and carve it’s insides out, they pack up their things and set off on a great adventure down the Running Waters. They leave their cave and set out to find a new home. They leave the ways of their Mother and Father behind just a little as they go…

02-15-18_4-30-25 PM.png

Gen. 1.jpg

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