The Pied Piper tale

This is a tale of a story never told!

Luvlis and her twin sons were traveling through the woods. They came across Paah, the leader of the Bear Clan. Luvlis hated the Bear Clan. And here she stood, and Luvlis was sure she and her sons, one of which was a Great Hunter, could fight this retched creature.

02-01-18_1-10-35 PM.png

But Paah only batted her exotic bear eyelashes at the strong and dark men. She was new and exciting to them, she looked warm and inviting, promising an easier life than the one they would live out in the Great Mother’s tribe.

02-01-18_1-11-04 PM.png

02-01-18_1-12-18 PM.png

Luvlis yelled her guttural threats at the animal, still sure that she would overtake this nemesis and return to her own clan a true hero, praised for this assured victory!

02-01-18_1-11-47 PM.png

When she realized that her sons were not approaching to her side to aid her in battle, but to walk past her and join Paah in the most treacherous act of betrayal, a horrendous wail escaped from her body! The birds took flight from the fear, and a herd of great beasts looked up from the running waters of the river and fled!

02-01-18_1-35-12 PM

Paah’s laugh was low, but Luvlis could hear it over her howl. Her only sons had not been taken by the roaring lizard that had snatched her daughter so many sleeps ago, but by this hairy seductress.

02-01-18_1-39-17 PM.png

Her breathing was ragged and sharp, she looked up and tried to catch her breath. A tiny little bear came from within the dark cave to stand beside the larger bear and Luvlis’s breath stopped dead in her chest. The little bear might have resulted from Roki laying in the very same cave with this wild woman.

02-01-18_1-47-26 PM.png

02-01-18_1-39-53 PM.png

Luvlis could not stand the humiliation. She returned to her own home and spun the story a new web, a web where the spider was Paah, luring her sweet sons away from her with sweet songs and magic, not the simple and possibly true promises of a simpler and easier life. Her violent daughter Utu would believe her, and would defend her. She would not tell her own tribe that there was a child that shared their own relations, she could not. What if there was some affection for this shaggy sibling?

02-01-18_3-25-43 PM

Her daughter did not disappoint her. She went to war with the Bear Clan, and brought back the head of Paah’s only daughter, a great and bloody trophy.

02-08-18_5-55-51 PM

Luvlis the Great Mother could not be more pleased. No one would know her secret, the real reason why The Great Hunters went to war with the Bear Clan. The truth remained a secret, even when Luvlis grew old and weary, and took herself to the Angor Burial Grounds to be with Roki. No one ever knew what she had done, what she had started. Even if her sons could try and tell The Great Hunters the truth, would they believe the enemy? No. Why would they? The Great Mother had spoken in only truth.

the great mother



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  1. audreyfld says:

    These are so awesome and imaginative. I love them. ❤

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Aw! That’s so nice of you!! Thank you!

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