The last of the Saber Toothed Tigers and the Way of the Birds.

This is a tale about animals. Dagan Bearheart, daughter of the Great Mother and sister to the Great Hunter enjoyed all animals, and she ran with the great Saber-Toothed Tiger herd that lived with them. But they were wild, wild beasts and she only hoped that they didn’t turn on her. When the last of the tigers grew old, and there were no longer any more pups to help raise, Dagan took the spirit of the Last Tiger to the Angor Burial Grounds where it’s other herd-members had been laid to rest.

01-27-18_12-04-18 PM.png


The Angor Burial Grounds were a dark and misty place, it was also the resting place of Dagan’s father, Roki from the Big Running Waters. But it was Luvlis the Great Mother who had paid the toll for the right to bury the dead here.

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The birds screamed and swooped at her, but she was allowed safe passage to place the last of these great beasts to it’s eternal sleep.

Dagan would be sad to lose her friends. Her father Roki had also loved these strong, large cats. They would be missed.

But her sister the Great Hunter had unlocked the secrets of taming the wild beasts around them. A great Blue Beast had whispered secrets into her ear and Utu had brought Dagan two small and mild mannered animals that she grew to love.

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These sweet little animals she called Goats, and they didn’t just provide friendship. They were a beautiful flock and a great source of wool and fleece for the tribe. Dagan started collecting the wool and slowly started making warmer clothing.

Animals were no longer as wild as they once had been, for Utu the Great Hunter had conquered many great beasts and they now submitted to the humans. Especially if they were in the same tribe as the Great Hunters.

But Dagan did not abuse her power over the animals. She cared for them with a sweet and gentle love. She had the same sweet love for her family members.

And both her family members and her beloved Goat friends were growing colder and colder. The crops were changing, and it was becoming harder to eat, sleep and fish while living in the big caves by the Running Waters.

The trees are changing.jpg

Utu came to Dagan and told her that they should leave. Dagan told her sister that she had been watching the Goats and they wanted to travel along the river heading down the hills. She wanted to see if they were following the birds flying high in the sky. They all seemed to be going in the same way, following a path that crossed the path of the sun. She felt the urge to follow them too. The way of the Birds.

the way of the birds.jpg

Utu told her sister that she and the Great Hunters were having trouble with the animals too. She had also noticed them disappearing, and it was growing harder and harder to come home with enough food for everyone.

the hunt.jpg

But they were working on something to help them travel the Running Waters as swiftly as the flying fish. Something to help them get to the deeper waters without swimming. Something that her sister might find interesting.

a nifty invention.jpg

And so it was decided that the sisters would lead their tribe down river, following the great herds of animals that followed the waters. They would follow the food. They would leave behind the First Mother and Father’s cave where they first put rock to stone to wood and created something they could use with their hands. The first place where they used a stick to hold a fresh fish over the flames of the fire. They would find a new home for their people.

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