A tale of many travels

This is a tale about the great traveling tribe, the Great Hunters. The beautiful sisters Utu the Great Scar Faced Hunter, and Dagan Bearheart followed the streams and rivers until the air seemed warmer and the plants seemed lusher. They still had the bright colors of the Great Change, but these plants were growing. They found a quiet little spot and everyone got to work. Because it was growing colder, much of their home was now under ground, where they could collect each other’s warmth. It was humble and sweet and they were very happy here.

The Great Goat Hills.jpg

The goats grew and did well here, and their little home was known as the Great Goat Hills. The little tribe enjoyed a quiet peaceful life here.

02-17-18_7-27-10 PM.png

02-24-18_3-48-39 PM.png

Children were born and raised, goats were born and raised, they had a garden and plenty of meat to roast over the flames. It seemed very quaint and happy. The tribe enjoyed the peace after the Great War.

But Utu the Great Hunter was still encountering bears while out with her pack of Great Hunters. And whenever Utu met a bear, she would try to kill it. The little tribe of Hunter Children fell asleep each night to the distant screams of wild and dying beasts.

02-22-18_4-58-58 PM.png02-22-18_4-57-40 PM.png

Utu never stopped fighting the Bear Clan, and she believed that this hunt gave her great powers.

But this came at a price. She was haunted by many past lives. The spirits of her victims did not rest easy. They would visit at night, they would visit her dreams, they would visit her while she was alone deep in the jungle forests. They could visit her anywhere.

03-16-18_2-33-31 PM.png

One extreme spirit would visit her at night and sacrifice his own ghostly spirit to her all over again. Every night he would slash his own ghouly flesh and spill out a dark red blood that would always disappear when Utu awoke in the morning. It never stayed. No one else ever saw it.

The wraith would spill it’s phantom blood and guts out onto her bed, and collapse face first onto her animal pelts. It would do this several times a night and yet she slept peacefully through the night. She would be confident and efficient all during the day, and she rarely grew tired.

In fact, she never seemed to age. Her own daughter, Gah Hunter, realized that her mother appeared older than she did, and everyone was even more in awe of the Great Utu the Scar Faced Hunter. She seemed to bring power to their tribe, and the tribe had much faith in her.

03-16-18_2-54-13 PM.png

She had outlived her sister Dagan, she had outlived many goats. She had outlived many of the Bear Clan. Now she was seeing the death of their new home. The weather kept getting colder and colder and it was getting harder to live in these woods.

03-18-18_11-37-56 AM.png


03-18-18_11-58-53 AM.png

They would have to make yet another sacrifice and travel even more! Utu the Great Hunter knew it was time to keep going the Way of the Birds.



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  1. oshizu584 says:

    I love your Great Goat Hills build!

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Thanks! I was trying to make it look ancient caveman hobbit style haha

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