The Tale of the Goddess in the Sky Stones

This is the tale of how Gah Hunter, daughter of Utu the Great Scar Faced Hunter brought the gift of song and written word to their growing tribe.

Gah climbed the steep mountain steps to the top of the Sky Stones, where she found a tall woman of striking beauty.

Gah hunter

This woman told her that she was The Goddess of Word and Song. Gah didn’t know what that was.

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The long haired woman told her that she could carve out symbols into the stone, and that her family from the sky could see the words and know what they meant, they could carve out little pictures that she could understand too.

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She showed Gah that she could make sounds withe her mouth and body, that she could do more than grunt. And it was beautiful and emotional. It told stories of her family and her own home.


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The Goddess told Gah that she had been gifted these powers, and that they lived within her where she could keep them safe. Gah knew that she could teach these powers to her own tribe members, and they could use these powers to teach the next family members and so on. She wanted these words and these songs.

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03-01-18_8-17-16 PM.png

So she grabbed the woman who called herself A Goddess, she grabbed her by the neck where the sounds came from. She stopped the words from coming out of her mouth and she took them for her own when The Goddess lay lifeless on the ground.

03-01-18_8-19-11 PM.png

03-01-18_8-20-23 PM.png

After Gah had choked The Goddess of Word and Song to death, she had the powers for herself. She brought them to her mother, Utu the Great Hunter. She told her of her victory and the great gift she brought to her mother and the tribe.

03-01-18_9-23-27 PM.png

03-01-18_9-23-41 PM.png

She sang her warrior song to her mother, it would strike fear into the very heart of their enemies, The Bear Clan, and anyone who could hear it. She could use her hands and body to make beats and rhythm. She could sing stories about her love for her mother, about her hate of the Bear Clan, and she could carve pictures into stone that showed how she got these powers and other stories that her fellow tribes-men and women could use. She had killed the Goddess of Word and Song to bring these arts to her tribe. She kept Word and Song in a jewel that she wore around her neck, so that everyone would know where this mighty gift came from.

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