This is a tale about a dark jungle and a great spectacle. About a barbaric ritual of violence and tradition.

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Utu the Great Scar Faced Hunter got lost after a hunting trip. She was gone for only a short time. But she was the head of the great Hunters and she was needed at her home. When she returned, injured, smelly and hungry, she told the tribe that she had seen much of the great green jungle. She couldn’t find her way out of it for a time, and she had been frightened by whatever magical beings were living in the thick brush.

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Something had been there. Something she knew nothing about and was frightened by. She had heard voices, she had seen things, she had been trapped and attacked, and she didn’t know what was doing it. Any attempt at trying to figure out what happened to Utu the Scar Faced Hunter was muddled in confusion, silence, and riddles. She had been left dazed and couldn’t tell them exactly what happened. The only thing the tribe members could take away from any talk with Utu was a misinterpreted sound, and they began to develop a fear and a word for the sound she would make.


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Gah Hunter, Utu’s charismatic eldest daughter, talked to the tribe members, they were afraid. They knew that there must be some way to convince these strange and new Gods to not harm them. She thought of the stories of The Great Mother and her sacrifice made to the Blue Eyed God of the Angor Burial Grounds. Something similar must be done.

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The Omiscan Ball Pits were constructed. This place was a great temple in the thick jungle, and the tribe would visit the otherwise peaceful place with the intention of honoring the Omiscan Gods.

omiscan ball pits

Members of the tribe would dedicate their life to training in the Omiscan Ball games, and would treat their own body like it was sacred so that the Gods would know this to be a great honor.

When they traveled to the jungle, Gah Hunter, who had much influence over the tribe members, rallied them all to her cause, convincing them that the only way to honor these Gods completely would be to sacrifice these trained tribal members.

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It would be a great ritual, and no one would dare to question the Great Hunters Tribe or their extreme loyalty to the Omiscan Gods. It would be a great and spiritual spectacle.

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