Utu’s daughter

This is a tale of sacrifice, and the love of a daughter. The skies and the trees have changed again, they are dying. Utu the Great Hunter tells the tribe that it is time to travel The Way of the Birds again. So they leave their home in the Great Goat Hills and follow the waters and the herd.

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The weather continues to get even worse and the tribe is afraid for their lives. Many of the women are with child or have had children and the white cold that covers the ground can freeze the skin and take your breath. But Utu the Great Hunter does not show fear and the tribal members love and trust her.

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Tulip Hunter, daughter of Utu the Great Hunter and sister to Gah Hunter, is in great awe of her brave mother and her charismatic sister. She is also afraid for her babies. She tells them that she is willing to make a great sacrifice to give more strength to her Mother’s great powers.

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She has trained with others in preparation of the great sacrifice to the Omiscan Gods, but the Omiscan Gods are no threat here. The White Cold is what they fear in these lands. Many in the tribe believe that sacrificing a daughter of the Great Hunter could be very powerful. And many others believe that they need her help to face the many dangers on their path.

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There were many dangers but they faced them all together as a clan. Some were lost to the cold, some were lost to the wild beasts, but many lived and thrived.

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When they came to the Angor Burial Grounds, Tulip readily offered her own life in return for the rest of the tribes safe passage on the Way of the Birds. It was a great day of ceremony and celebration, and the tribe was hopeful that the great Blue Eyed God of Angor could lend them safe passage through the lands until they found a new safe and warm home.

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