A great village is born



The people of the Hunting Clan settled into the desert and from the great dunes of sand and dust they built a little village. Ka-Ru-Ma-Ma Village was a place of food and community.

A great temple had been built in honor of Tulip, The Sacrificed Daughter. Tulipa Temple was a vibrant place that warriors gathered to prepare their bodies for either war or The Omiscan Gods.

tulipa temple.jpg

Their new home in the Golden Land of Sands was prosperous, and all around them villages and settlements like Pi-Ru-Ru Village started to rise out of the hills. Times were peaceful and easy for the Great Hunters.

04-12-18_12-46-41 PM

The sims of these days would have needed to escape the great heat of the desert. A great temple was built near their village. It was a quiet place of shade and gathering called The Sandy Waters of Nu-Nu.

04-04-18_4-54-00 PM.png04-04-18_4-53-35 PM.png

Utu the Scar Faced Hunter was supernaturally strong and never seemed to age while her own daughter, Gah Hunter, She who Sings the Songs and Made the Words, had wrinkly and aging skin. Gah’s bones grew weak, and her own child, Wawa grew taller and taller, stronger and smarter.

04-06-18_6-29-35 PM.png

It was after the death of her beloved daughter Gah, that Utu’s rise to power began.

04-12-18_12-54-09 PM.png

04-12-18_12-58-12 PM.png





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  1. oshizu584 says:

    So many breathtaking new builds in this update!!!

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      I do love me some sim builds! It takes me so long, I’m not very efficient yet haha


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