The first Royal Wedding

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Princess Sahur Khufu was the great grand daughter of the great Queen H’Utu, and she followed in the political steps of this great relative. She was the First Princess and she was beloved by everyone in the Great Land of Sands. She was well educated – her mother was Wawa Hunter who wrote many of the great texts about Queen H’Utu.

When Wawa – She who wrote the Words – passed on, Queen H’Utu and the Princess had to complete the ritual of placing her in the Tomb of Gah-Gah with the other ancestors.

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This was not the only ritual for young Princess Sahur to be a part of. There was a man in the kingdom with a great reputation, who the people listened to with respect and consideration. His name was Ra and they started a love affair.

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They have a child, Rashida, and Princess Sahur’s affections for Ra are so strong that she wishes to share her royal rights with him, she wishes for him to live with her and Rashida in the Palace. She wishes for him to sleep in her own bed chambers.

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Queen H’Utu allows this new ritual to be born. The three of them combined form the first Political Party, and they are a well-liked and supported Council who can make important decisions together. They plan a large celebration, and educate the kingdom on this new important procedure.

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And so the very first Royal Wedding takes place, and two people are brought together not only in love, but for political gain. It was a festive day that gave the villagers a welcome break from both their chores and their intellectual studies. The first party!

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  1. audreyfld says:

    I loved this! I got goose bumps…I love romance so….

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      Aw! You big sucky suck!! It’s fun teehee

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