The first love story

For as long as there have been sims in this strange and new land, there have been their dramas as well. The very first mother and father had their own story, and their own betrayals, leading to a war between the two races.

There have been plenty of steamy encounters and little baby tribal members born because of it. There had never been any reason not to make the next generation of little tribal babies, so they always kept making them with whomever they chose.

03-16-18_6-00-02 PM.png

But in the Great Land of the Sands lived a beautiful princess with shockingly beautiful hair. The women of her family had always held power over their great lands, and kept the village people safe. She was Princess Sahur Khufu.

princess sahur VERSION 2

Her grandmother was the Queen H’Utu, who never aged, and because of her connection, the Princess was very powerful. And she had fallen madly in love with a strong and gentle man.

Ra Ahmed was a beautiful and well-spoken man who was held in high regards in their society. He had much influence over his fellow villagers. They trusted him and they liked him. He saw the young princess and wanted only her.

Ra Ahmed.jpg

princess and her love.jpg

When the Princess found her body changing, and was told that she was carrying her first child, she was excited to tell her beloved Ra. They hid away from the world whispering their plans for the future, and their little family. They exchanged whispers and giggles and sweet little kisses. The room they shared together was dark and cool in the desert night.

05-23-18_3-29-29 PM.png

The Princess was aware that the women in her family did not share a room with the men that they made children with. They were not encouraged to have children by the same man. It happened, but even their own Queen H’Utu had been with many men throughout her long life. But Princess Sahur wanted only the dashing Ra.

The Princess professed to Ra that she would have no other man, her duty to her Queen was not to have many children by many lovers, but to help lead the people. She believed that her passion for Ra was not a burden to that mission, and that her Great Grandmother, Queen H’Utu of the Night, would not be opposed to this promise to Ra.

05-23-18_5-00-47 PM.png

05-23-18_5-02-22 PM.png

The Princess did not know exactly what won the Queen over, but she agreed to let the two lovers have their sacred union. They would make a great day of it, with celebrations and festivities, and the people of their kingdom would know of this great union – the ceremony of a powerful man of the kingdom swearing his whole life to the Princess.

the first royal wedding

love 2


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